Waylonwalker.com home page

This Waylon Walker's personal blog where he is learning in public. Posting about topics such as linux, vim, python, and kedro. Flexing just a bit, after writing content on the domain since 2017 it is achieving 15K clicks from google every 28 days, 36 top 3 ranked keywords, and 2,400 top 10 ranked keywords.

Waylonwalker.com post

A typical post has a header that is screenshot as the og image for display on social platforms using selenium. The overall theme holds similar to the home and feeds pages. With a large dark background image of repeating W's.

Waylonwalker.com feed

Waylonwalker.com has several feeds running, but the most prominant one that is shared in the navigation bar is the archive. The feed itself has an RGB backlight inspired yellow and purple glow around it.