Creates redirects for times when your backend server can't.


Enable the redirect hook by adding it to your list of hooks.


# Were you keep static assets to copy into the project, default is static
# the assets_dir will set the default _redirects file directory
assets_dir = "static"

# You can override the default redirects file location
redirects = static/_redirects

hooks = [
   # creates redirects from static/_redirects file
   # copies your static assets into the output_dir (default: `markout`)


Your _redirects file is a simplified version of what services like cloudflare pages or netlify use. In fact you can use the same redirects file!

Here is an example that will redirect /old to /new and /CHANGELOG to /changelog

/old        /new
/CHANGELOG  /changelog


no splats

Since it is static generated this plugin cannot cover *'s. * or splat redirects need to be taken care of server side. It also cannot change the http code, this is only


The features of markata.plugins.redirect is pretty limited since it is implemented only as a static page. Other features require server side implementation.

Feature Support Example Notes
Force Yes /pagethatexists /otherpage Creates an index.html with http-equiv and canonical
Redirects (301, 302, 303, 307, 308) No /home / 301 Ignored, requires server side implementation
Rewrites (other status codes) No /blog/* /blog/404.html 404 ...
Splats No /blog/* /blog/:splat ...
Placeholders No /blog/:year/:month/:date/:slug /news/:year/:month/:date/:slug ...
Query Parameters No /shop id=:id /blog/:id 301 ...
Proxying No /blog/* 200 ...
Domain-level redirects No* 301 ...
Redirect by country or language No / /us 302 Country=us ...
Redirect by cookie No /* /preview/:splat 302 Cookie=preview ...

Compare with cloudflare-pages


If you have a public site, pair this up with ahrefs to keep up with pages that have moved without you realizing.

Redirect class

DataClass to store the original and new url

Redirect source
class Redirect:
    "DataClass to store the original and new url"
    original: str
    new: str

save function

saves an index.html in the directory called out by the redirect.

save source
def save(markata: "Markata") -> None:
    saves an index.html in the directory called out by the redirect.
    assets_dir: str = str(markata.config.get("assets_dir", "static"))
    redirects_file = Path(
        str(markata.config.get("redirects", Path(assets_dir) / "_redirects"))
    if redirects_file.exists():
        raw_redirects = redirects_file.read_text().split("\n")
        raw_redirects = []

    redirects = [
        for r in raw_redirects
        if "*" not in r and len(s := r.split()) == 2 and not r.strip().startswith("#")

    if "redirect_template" in markata.config:
        template_file = Path(str(markata.config.get("redirect_template")))
        template_file = DEFAULT_REDIRECT_TEMPLATE
    template = Template(template_file.read_text())

    output_dir = Path(markata.config["output_dir"])  # type: ignore
    output_dir.mkdir(parents=True, exist_ok=True)

    for redirect in redirects:
        file = output_dir / redirect.original.strip("/") / "index.html"
        file.parent.mkdir(parents=True, exist_ok=True)
        file.write_text(template.render(**asdict(redirect), config=markata.config))