Markata has some templates that let you get up and running quickly, but you can make a site with only markdown if you wanted.


markata is hosted on pypi and can be installed using pip.

python -m pip install markata

# or if pipx is your thing

pipx install markata

Create Some Content

Make some .md files in your current working directory. By default, markata will recursively look in all subdirectories for markdown files **/*.md.

mkdir pages
echo '# My First Post' >
echo '# Hello World' >

This example shows how you can build a site from only a single markdown file.

Build your site

Install markata into your virtual environment and run markata build. It will create your site in ./markout, leave its cache in ./.markata.cache, and copy all assets from ./static into ./markout by default.

python -m pip install markata
markata build

# or if pipx is your thing
pipx run markata build